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About Us

As Subaşı & Partners Law Office founded by Att. İlhan Subaşı, is a new law firm which covers the need of a changing world. We are consistent, patient and professional. We provide legal services as a specialized team in the fields of general practice, international law, trade and corporate law, labor law, real estate law, inheritance law, criminal law, administrative law in Turkish, English and Russian languages. By combining our academic know-how with practical care and determination, we make the best of every work we undertake. As an integral part of our business, we work closely with our customers to ensure that the right decisions are made and implemented in line with their legal needs.


Legal Representation

Legal Counselling

Due to our belief that the best doctor is the doctor who teaches not to get sick, the best attorney is a lawyer who teaches not to be a sued, we place importance on our legal counselling services for client satisfaction. Our firm provides legal consultancy services in 3 languages for individual and corporate clients.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Except services in litigation and alternative dispute resolution, legal services of Subaşı & Partners Law Office, includes legal aid in arbitration, reconciliation, mediation and dispute services.

Legal Action and Debt Collection

As Subaşı & Partners Law Office, our primary aim is to solve the dispute amicably and at least cost. Any legal dispute should be resolved in the most direct, most serial and the least costly way possible. In the case of disputes which are not resolved amicably, we are follow up legal proceeedings and debt collection process on behalf of our clients for the best results that the legal legislation allows in case of trial.


I'd rather lose money than lose my customers' trust.

Robert Bosch



Att. İlhan Subaşı, LLM

Attorney at Law with 12 years experience and notary certified translator (English)

Advanced English and Russian skills,

PHD Candidate in Private Law in İstanbul University – Istanbul - TURKEY

LLM degrees. One LLM degree from University Of The Pacific McGeorge School of Law, California, USA and another LLM Degree (with thesis) from the top rated Turkish Law School; Galatasaray University, Social Sciences Institute, Private Law Master Program, Istanbul TURKEY

Former research assistant in Galatasaray University, Faculty of Law, Department of Private International Law, Istanbul TURKEY

Wrote 5 articles, 2 academic thesis, 1 law book


Adres: Varlık Mah. 100. Yıl Bulv. No: 81 Yayla Apt.
Kat: 4 Daire: 7 Muratpaşa/ANTALYA
Tel: +90 507 152 79 99

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